Mises En Trope

Originally, there are ideas and the intention to tell them through pictures.
Each idea corresponds to a sketch. Each sketch puts in pictures
the spirit of an idea.
Repetition, as a process, allows the author to show inside the sketch
the obsession of the idea.
As for the title given to these experimentations, it helps to show
the human obstination of thought.
The sketches list isn't closed and requires to be continued.
The sketches are short and powerful, like an "idée fixe" can be.
Each sketch can be resumed in a future work, and this time become a material sign.

( but what does "Trope" mean ? click here for more informations in french )

Do you want an exemple ?

"La Diète Ethique" - 2012 - 47 sec. - 9,6 Mo - m4v

another exemple ?

"C'était mieux avant" - 2012 - 3 min. 05 sec. - 10 Mo - m4v