Mises En Trope ( 2001 - 2006 )

Originally, there are ideas and the intention to tell them through pictures.
Each idea corresponds to a sketch. Each sketch puts in pictures
the spirit of an idea.
Repetition, as a process, allows the author to show inside the sketch
the obsession of the idea.
As for the title given to these experimentations, it helps to show
the human obstination of thought.
The sketches list isn't closed and requires to be continued.
The sketches are short and powerful, like an "idée fixe" can be.
Each sketch can be resumed in a future work, and this time become a material sign

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* Mise En Trope #1:

A television aerial appears on the screen, with an african popular music.
The absurd is at its peak when the modern world reality comes to corrupt
secular traditions.

( 2 min. 52 sec. )

* Mise En Trope # 2 :

A fan, a dancer, a fixed picture of a woman who is holding out a key
while her nose is bleeding !
These pictures are linked with a (short) excerpt of Ligeti's "Continuum".
The feeling of oppression brought by speed and confort is exacerbated by

the presence of harpsichord.

( 1 min. 08 sec. )

* Mise En Trope # 3 :

An original soundtrack and the portrait of a character sleeping on
the back sit of a car.
This portrait is affected by intermittent appearances of a hanging dead horse.
Sleep is not a safe place.

( 3 min. 16 sec. )

* Mise En Trope # 4 :

Formal essay about the relation between sound and matter
and the impact sound has on matter.

( 5 min. 37 sec. )

* Mise En Trope # 5 :

One can read the title "Interlude" on the black screen
and two women's breasts stroking each other.
All of this is musically linked by a call for french resistance.

( 10 sec. )

* Mise En Trope # 6 :

The parody of a TV commercial using everything West countries mean to be great.
( 1 min. 34 sec. )

* Mise En Trope # 7 :

Justification of the artist , in front of his fantastically overdeveloped ego,
who doesn't hesitate to assert that
"nobody will be able to prevent him from saying anything he wants !"
(or talking nonsense : so, no sense makes sense...)

( 42 sec. )

* Mise En Trope # 8 :

Two couples appear on the screen :
one of them going up and down two ladders in a crazy way,
and the other eying each other in front of the sea.

( 22 sec. )

* Mise En Trope # 9 :

What we see is a fibroscopy.
The victim and the torturer are not far, seeking their freedom.

( 36 sec. )

* Mise En Trope # X :

Through an isolated bunker
time is going by and the "Light" left behind men's wars is never far.

( 2 min. )