Oneself Like Another

Intentions :

* 60 seconds = 60 pictures = 60 sounds.
The matter is to make sixty pictures or apparitions follow one another
without having the same lenght on the screen.
These apparitions will have to last more or less one second.

* Apparitions : during 60 seconds is there an experimental series
of portraits and compositions/decompositions from human bodies.

* All these pictures aim to disorganize the "normal" perception
of the human face and of the body as a whole.
The appearence of the face and body personality is thus replaced by
another appearence.

* Through pictures and sounds, a third element will occur :
two sentences :

"The face is meaning, and meaning without context.
Others, in the rectitude of their face, are not characters in a context."

Emmanuel Levinas in "Ethique et infini"

"In the really reversed world, the truth is a moment of falsehood"
Guy Debord in "La société du spectacle"

Download The Film

(52 sec. - 1,8 Mo - QuickTime)