The Obliterated Consciousness


"The Obliterated Consciousness" calls us into a metaphysical ring where
Death, Birth, Old Age, Sexuality and Illness take place.
These intimate scenes weave the film, even though the frame is not logical.
There is a will to refuse linear and temporal narration, which is cut, hacked,
tortured by sound effects and visual interventions.
There is also a will to go beyond the logic of a "story" :
the straight-forward narrative is banished and replaced by an unpredictable
and spasmodic meta-language to evoke an insubordinate consciousness.
"The consciousness which is only a witness is a prisoner of a flat Universe" :
Universe density has to be found again through our intimity, through desires,
dreams, pangs of death, impulses : I.E. all which is not to be confined into the logos' threads.
In a visual or plastic way, lethargy of any spectacle is to be broken;
that is why sparklings, dazzlings, light and shade occur in the film :
to signify the consciousness "sparing rapture".



Pictures Extracted From The Film

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