(Satirical Film)

This is a so called "holiday" film, made and edited
in the strictest privacy of Savoy (in France)
Between 23 december 2002 and 2 january 2003 as a tribute to
the italian film-maker dario Argento.
The "challenge" this film takes up is to bring the "holiday movie"
back into favor in front of the critical negligence.
This film tells you a "story".
A "story" which is neither written nor completely off-the-cuff;
or is it quite another story ?
So the atmosphere recreated in the film will allow you
to prejudge of the diversity of your points of view concerning
the Alps flora and fauna, and also its evil geniuses.
The choice made by the film-maker to twist sounds and pictures
belongs to a constructive recycling logic.
The outcome of this "anti-method" is a film (or editing)
made in a linear way through time and space :
it's a film to which it's not allowed to have an end !
There is no actor in this film :
only extras who mustn't even know they appear inside the film
(and that's probably their main quality...)
A story without an actor is not a story ?
No problem !
The film-maker must be able to assert the contrary and its contrary
in an implacable logic of search for a stylistic shape
which is his personal property.
Tristan Senet (aka Eliov Drustagni) is
the author of this film apparently made
without any method nor preliminary writing or even any real financial


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