- Spring 1999 -

A saxophone player is ready to go to the 4th "Vision Festival" in New York City.
A pictures maker proposes spontaneously to entrust him a super 8 camera
for him to film that fantastic city of N.Y.C.
Black & white super 8 films are put at the saxophone player's disposal.
For sure he didn't save his pleasure as a pictures catcher when he was there.
When time was out, the cam was out too,
because it had been unintentionally broken during the shootings.
When he got back in France, the sax player laid down his "arms",
feeling sorry to have damaged the equipment.
However, he was reassured as for the undergone damage.
A few months later, the salvaged pictures were revealed.
The sax player was logically asked to write the score to the only existing film.

Download The Film
(3 min. 54 sec - 7,6 Mo - WMV)

Download The Film
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